Linguistics by The Syntax Of Things (which is now me, cucumberbatchin)

First of all, thank you all for being so patient and I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded anything for the past two months or so. I have been writing songs, some of my best I believe, and that’s exactly why I want to be careful with publishing them. I want them to be the best I can manage.

As for this one, it’s another piano piece. And with all the essays, commentaries and other stuff that I have been writing lately, the title isn’t even far fetched. Please do tell me how you like it! :)

Here’s the soundcloud link with a download!


Another beautiful piece by cucumberbatchin. Seriously, all of her pieces are amazing and she is truly talented. Go to her soundcloud account to hear more of her wonderful songs!


What if the ground below your feet suddenly started giving in [download] [sheet music]

Originally, this was planned to have lyrics, of which the first verse is now the title. So definitely another one for the ‘fancy title’ category :D

I have no clear idea why, but I transcribed this, and there’s actual sheet music. Probably because I find the theme rather neat, it’s all played within an octave, both left and right hand. The notation isn’t exactly spot-on, especially regarding the transitions, I focused more on just the accurate notes; you might need to experiment a bit with rythm and volume.

If you actually use the sheet music, if you play this, I would be more than curious to listen to it! Will you drop me a note when you do? :)


Someone made a medley that combines both Eleven’s doctor theme and Sherlock.




A medley of Sherlock’s Theme and I Am the Doctor I played on piano. I quite like this.

please excuse my crappy microphone and my noisy pedal. 

download link: