Today’s thoughts…

  • I’m not sure I like this Tumblr “famousness” anymore. That video I posted yesterday has 115 notes now, and I got like 30 emails from Tumblr saying people reblogged it, but I’ve only gotten 1 follower as a result. And the follower was my brother, who’s been holding out on me for a while anyway. :(
  • I had a small victory today at work this morning. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say I know my way around a computer and Microsoft Word and can save you a call to IT/Support if you just ask me first instead of a few other peeps who shall remain nameless.
  • What is up with this new Tumblr redesign? I don’t like it. I don’t like having to go to another page to see my posts/notes/followers. It’s annoying because it makes me think that I might have another one until the page loads and I see it’s all a lie. At least with the old design I got the disappointment over with quickly when I first logged on.
  • Frozen Yogurt with magic shell is delicious. I’m just sayin’.
  1. infinitechecklist said: re: tumblr-fame: hive mind at work :)
  2. helloyouhellome said: don’t be disheartened. for the first 6 months of my tumblr life I had 10 followers. I was discouraged, almost quit, etc. but now I have 200+. It just takes time and patience and butt kissing ;-) i.e. likes and reblogs.
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