This Is Why I Love the Internet

Because things like this happen instantly and are freakin hilarious:

(That’s photoshopped in case you couldn’t tell.)

Let’s discuss the meme that appeared during/after The Oscars because of Angie’s leg, shall we?

She did these awkward, “LOOK AT MY LEG” poses all over the red carpet, and ESPECIALLY when she presented an award, purposefully pausing to move her skirt and show off the leg before she started. Everyone thought this was hilarious/ridiculous, and I mean everyone. I’m pretty sure I saw George Clooney try to hold back a laugh and eye roll.

Well apparently these poses were very “Lea Michele” according to THIS. (Which… I don’t really pay attention to her at awards shows so I didn’t realize, but Lea Michele’s are way more awkward, especially that last one):

So anyways, the best part of the Oscars, however, was when my fave Jim Rash (plays Dean Pelton on Community) won an award for Best Adapted Screenplay and did this:

He is pure awesome and I love him (and OMG he helped write that screenplay? No way!).

(To which Angie did not looked pleased, might I add.)

Then this morning my coworker directed me to some awesome Angie’s leg related news:

People are now photoshopping her leg into other things: Legbombing

And someone (BLESS THEM) created a Twitter account called AngiesRightLeg that at the time of me writing this already has OVER 14,000 followers and it only has 18 tweets.

This, my dear friends, is why I love the Internet.

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